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May 1, 2020 - May 14, 2020

Auction Shipping

BLC GLD Artist collective Online

Bidders must become a free member to authenticate bids. All official bids will have a member tag automatically generated with the comment/bid to provide required authentication. You may join by selecting this text or signing up at the top right of your screen (please visit desktop version). For more information on the auction please visit our auction rules at the bottom of this page.

Greetings from BLC GLD Artist Auctions the collective's new online auction service. Our goal to provide the best experiences to our patrons continues with our direct-from-artist auction service allowing customers to work with artist after auction purchase. After we evaluate the presenting artists and their services, we have no doubts in their abilities to exceed your expectations.

We always evaluate and hold our fulfillment and distribution services to the highest standards. Be assured we have not changed these practices. Your safety and ours is a priority!

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Auction Rules

Auction Rules

  • This auction, operating in US currency ($), will last two weeks opening to the public (18+ years of age) May 1, 2020, 8:00 am est and closing May 14, 2020 8:00 pm est.

  • Bidders must become a free member to authenticate their bids. All bids will have a member tag automatically generated with the comment/bid to provide authentication. You may join by selecting this text or signing up at the top right of your screen.

  • Bidding will be placed in the comment section of the auctioned items. Bidding will begin on or above the listed start bid and continue until "Buy Now" or auction close.

  • Buy Now purchases are selected by typing "Buy Now-Price" (ex. Buy Now-1000) closing bids considering the prior bid is two hundred (200) US dollars less than "Buy Now".  Buy Now payment is due three (3) business days after this option is entered by a bidder. If payment is not received bidding may re-open to members. 

  • Payment from the highest bidder is due five (5) days after auction close. If the final transaction from auction close is not completed by this time the next highest bidder will be contacted for the opportunity to purchase.

  • Reserves are sold at the sellers discretion if a reserve is not met by auction close. If the highest bidder at auction close has not met the sellers reserve that bidder will be contacted by the seller within two (2) business days of auction close. If the buyer and seller can not come to an agreement the item will not sell. Reserves are not listed but can be estimated two hundred dollars less than the "Buy Now" option.

  • Shipment is the responsibility of the seller and will be sent no more than five (5) business days after final payment is completed by the buyer. For any further questions or inquires please contact our customer service through our contact page.

  • All bids and sales are final.

Auction Shipment

K. Epps Biography and Artist Statement

He is a Richmond-raised creator expressing the lives and experiences of Americans in an array of mediums and styles. Starting as a performance painter in 2006 the artist learned to connect word with image and emotion to gesture at spoken word events along the United States east coast. Graduating from VCU Communication Arts in 2008, his performance career expanded delivering positive hip-hop messages at celebrations such as Richmond’s Juneteenth Festival and Virginia Tech’s Homecoming. The experience touring and merchandising as an indie artist fueled cross-platform explorations, while long hours in recording studios honed different techniques for communication. Working with VCU Health Systems, USDA Extensions, and Virginia educational providers this expanding knowledge is shared with demographics of all ages and backgrounds.

"For the past 10 years my art has been a dialog on contemporary society relevant to its social and cultural impacts. Often referencing American history, the work uses a variety of medias to communicate and entice discussion with audiences. Each creation contains expressions fully realized in the work’s individuality. A presence of materials combined with creative energy allows viewers to maintain visual dialog with each work of art. By referencing, presenting, and/or manipulating society’s subjective and objective perspectives viewers are often compelled to find their suggested narratives’ start and end point in the framed context of the moment. Through this effort my art is as much an invention of creation as it is a reflection of society. It is what it is because we are who we are."

Now based in Highland Springs Virginia, just outside the state’s capital, the artist manages a healthy habit of agricultural and environmental studies while continuing to create with intent and passion. Collectors can view studio, live, and en plein air works for purchase on exhibit, tour or at scheduled viewings. With the support of spouse, Koren, and studio assistants-daughters, Aurora and Amina, a body of sound art and prints are made available online at­­m.

M. Bey Artist Biography and Statement

Mensah Bey is a native of Richmond, VA residing in Norfolk, VA. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Hampton University and his Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies from Norfolk State University. Bey has exhibited nationally with highlights in Los Angeles, California and New York. He has also participated in an Artist Residency in Cuba. As an illustrator, painter, and printmaker, Bey explores the digital realm as a commentary on contemporary society. His graphic, hard-edged style is reminiscent of the works of Aaron Douglass Jacob Lawrence. Bey often draws inspiration from the Surrealist movement that challenged our perceptions of truth and reality, viewing the virtual world as an evolutionary subconscious that bridges our imaginations with the physical world.

     With a passion for the human form, Bey’s figures symbolically navigate this evolutionary subconscious, the virtual realm. Superimposed with elongated necks, his Ajents reference some African ideals of beauty and power. The neck in some cultures represents balance being the connection between the spirit (the head) and the physical (the body). The combined presence exudes confidence and courage while acknowledging the awareness of one’s vulnerability. Through exposing the sensitive connection between worlds, subjects are portrayed with poise and elegance that was historically reserved for high society. His surrealistic approach to contemporary thought and experience reflect a melding of virtual, spiritual, and physical realities.

Mensah Artist Bio
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