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A Moment for Her

Starting Bid - 320

Buy Now - 740

A Moment for Her


Acrylic on canvas

18 x 16"

Start Bid - 320

Buy Now - 740

Artist Statement - Kyle M. Epps

For the past 10 years my art has been a dialog on contemporary society relevant to its social and cultural impacts. Often referencing American history, the work uses a variety of medias to communicate and entice discussion with audiences. Each creation contains expressions fully realized in the work’s individuality. A presence of materials combined with creative energy allows viewers to maintain visual dialog with each work of art. By referencing, presenting, and/or manipulating society’s subjective and objective perspectives viewers are often compelled to find their suggested narratives’ start and end point in the framed context of the moment. Through this effort my art is as much an invention of creation as it is a reflection of society. It is what it is because we are who we are.

A Moment for Her is one several paintings from a series of studies for works related to women in various aspects. The completed works from the series have are a part of university exhibitions, private and public collections.

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